Saturday, 14 June 2014

10 Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

10. France

France have a good chance of winning the whole thing because they have a world class offense paired with some of the best defenders in the world. 

9. Belgium
Belgium possess a complete first team, with plenty of high quality substitutes. The midfield is especially strong with plenty of tactical, physical and intelligent players.

8. England
Quality players coming in and finally an English manager, where the players can communicate properly with him.

7. Netherlands
Netherlands has good chance to win this world cup because she will meet Spain in the groups and might or not meet Brazil if they beat one of them sure no team can stop them

6. Portugal
Portugal deserve to win, they are a better team than Spain and after hard work they have always been in the top.

Italy should be favorites over anybody but Germany right now, if they face Brazil they will win it would be the 3rd time they played them in the past 2 years and prendalli is not a stupid man.

4. Spain
There are great teams in this world cup, Germany has a great squad, Brazil as well, but Spain is above being a "great" team.

3. Argentina
The fantastic four (leo, kun, dim, higz) is the undisputed strongest attack in the world

2.  Brazil
If it's the will of GOD, Brazil will surely win this time. The 1950 world cup loss to Uruguay at their home soil are still fresh in their minds. 

1. Germany
Germany has the most complete team. They could create two different teams, and they both will have a more than decent chance to win the World Cup.


  1. It will be Germany Vs Brazil in Finals


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