Thursday, 29 May 2014

How Waitress Found Her Stolen License

Brianna Priddy, a waitress at an Applebee's in Lakewood, Colorado, lost her wallet one night. She began the laborious process of replacing its contents and ensuring that her identity wasn't stolen. Alas, someone used it to write hundreds of dollars in bad checks in Priddy's name. Fortunately, her driver's license came back to her when she asked a

customer who wanted to buy an alcoholic drink to show a photo ID. The patron handed Priddy her own missing driver's license."But I didn't say anything. I handed it back to her and said sure I'll be right back with yourmargarita. I went straight to the phone, and called the cops," Priddy said. Priddy acted like nothing was wrong. Lakewood police arrived in minutes.
The woman accused of using Priddy's stolen ID faces felony charges including theft, identity theft, and criminal impersonation


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