Thursday, 29 May 2014

Google Has Developed A Self-Driving Car!

There were 2.24 million injuries due to motor vehicle accidents in the United States in 2010, with human
error largely to blame. Alcohol, distracted driving (texting/eating/talking), and driver decision error (speeding/driving aggressively/misjudgment of road conditions) account for over 85% of all accidents. A total of 35,332 lives were lost that year due to motor vehicle accidents, which is more than triple the amount of people lost to homicide involving a firearm. Google is hoping to make the streets a bit safer by introducing a car that can drive by itself. Initially, 100 prototype subcompact vehicles will be released and they could be ready to hit the road in less than a year.

The vehicle looks very similar to two-passenger subcompact “smart cars” currently on the market, but there are some distinct noticeable differences: no steering wheel or pedals to accelerate/decelerate. Human drivers actually play a very small role in operating the vehicle. To operate the car, the passenger merely presses a button to start the car and then inputs the destination into the car’s computer that utilizes Google Maps. The car does the rest. However, there is an emergency break available, to be used if necessary.


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