Wednesday, 11 June 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Facts

1. This Will Be The First World Cup Ever With Goal-Line Technology. Finally!

2. The Local Organisation Committee Includes Five Brazilian World Cup Champions

3. It’s The 2nd Time Brazil Will host A World Cup

4. Brazil Is The 5th Country To Host A World Cup For The 2nd Time

5. It Took 36 Years Before South America Will Host A World Cup Again

6. Argentina And Colombia Also Showed Interest In Hosting The 2014 World Cup

7. 17 Cities Showed Interest In Being A 2014 World Cup Host City

8. For The First Time 2 Consecutive World Cups Are Not Hosted In Europe

9. The 2014 World Cup Official TV Opening Is An Animation Video

10. Brazil Will Use Drones and US Robots During The World Cup


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