Tuesday, 8 July 2014

10X Faster Wi-Fi Internet for Train Commuters

A proportion of the £90 million cost of the scheme will be funded by the government from a record-breaking fine being handed to Network Rail this week. Now ministers say they will make sure the cash will be used to help people get online. The new service, of Wi-Fi Internet for train commuters, which could be 10 times faster than the service available at the moment, should be available within three to four years.
     Commuters will in future be able to get a connection through equipment installed alongside the track, rather than the current system of having to find a satellite signal as they go along. Network Rail could face a potential penalty of about £70 million*.
A train commuter using Internet
Source: http://techboxofficial.blogspot.com/

TSA Is Blocking Dead Devices At Airports

Charge your phone before flying, because TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will now block dead devices at some airports. 

The full announcement made by TSA is:

"Last week, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson directed TSA to implement enhanced security measures at certain overseas airports with direct flights to the United States.
Uncharged iPhoneAs the traveling public knows, all electronic devices are screened by security officers. During the security examination, officers may also ask that owners power up some devices, including cell phones. Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft. The traveler may also undergo additional screening.
TSA will continue to adjust security measures to ensure that travelers are guaranteed the highest levels of aviation security conducted as conveniently as possible."
ce: http://techboxofficial.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 6 July 2014

See different planets

The July night sky is filled with planets to the delight of stargazers and astronomers, but you'll have to know when and where to look to get your summer solar system fix. All through July, the planet Mars and the bright star Spica glow in the west-southwest sky during the evening hours. Saturn, the so-called "Lord of the Rings," can be found to that pair's left and will climb a bit higher (and set a bit later) each night.

The only High-resolution picture of Mercury

First high-resolution image of Mercury transmitted by the MESSENGER spacecraft (in false color, 11 narrow-band color filters).

Mars One wants to send your ideas on Red Planet

The non-profit Mars One organization wants to send a lander to the Red Planet in 2018. The lander will have seven different science payloads, and people everywhere can submit their ideas to the organization now. The Netherlands-based Mars One foundation aims to send a total of seven payloads: four demonstration payloads, one payload selected in a worldwide university competition and two payloads for sale to the highest bidder. The unmanned 2018 mission will serve as preparation for a planned human mission to Mars in 2024, Mars One organizers said.

NASA is going to take heavy payloads on Mars

NASA will try again this weekend to launch the first test flight of new technology designed to help land heavy payloads on Mars.
In the Missile Assembly Building at the US Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility, a saucer-shaped test vehicle hangs during a measurement. The vehicle is part of the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator project, is designed to land large payloads on Mars. The facility is located in Kaua‘i, Hawaii. The LDSD test vehicle is equipped with a 100-foot-wide (30.5 meters) parachute and a saucer-shaped device called a Supersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (SIAD). This gear is being developed to help slow the descent of big, heavy payloads — such as human habitat modules — through the thin Martian atmosphere.

Stars Pulse rate can be used to find their age

Researchers have used data from satellites and ground-based observations to study young stars' oscillation. They have determined that the stars pulse faster as they grow older. This technique was thought to be only effective with older, main

 sequence stars.

Cassini probe celebrates 10 years at Saturn

A NASA spacecraft marked a big milestone on June 30 — a decade exploring Saturn and its many moons. Cassini probe has made a number of unprecedented observations and discoveries. Although the spacecraft was originally approved for a four-year mission, it has been granted three mission extensions, allowing it to continue roaming the gas giant’s system. Cassini has helped scientists learn more about what kinds of molecules populate our solar system. The spacecraft discovered plumes containing water-ice shooting out into space from the south polar region of Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Facebook launches friend-tracking feature "Nearby friends"

Your phone always knows where you are. And now, if you want, your Facebook friends will always know where you are, too. Facebook is introducing a mobile feature called Nearby Friends that taps into that steady stream of location information so friends can track each other in real time. In a refreshing change, the new Nearby Friends feature is not turned on by default. Friends will not be able to see where you are unless you decide and visit Facebook's settings to turn it on. You can choose to share your general location with all your Facebook friends, close friends or a customized list of people you feel most comfortable with. Further minimizing the potential stalking factor, your location is only shared with other people who are also using the feature and who have chosen to share their location with you.
   When turned on, Nearby Friends shows a list of approved Facebook friends who also use the feature and shows their approximate location. A push notification can tell you how many of your friends are nearby. Open the app to see a list of pals, the neighborhood or city where they are, how many miles away that is from your current location, and a time stamp of when they where there. There is an option to share your exact location with specific friends. Nearby Friends will be available on Facebook's iOS and Android apps.

How to take screen shot on your Android Device?

If you're running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and above just press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time, hold them for a second, and your phone will take a screenshot.
     If you're running android 2.3 and below (Android 2.3 and below doesn't have screenshotting built-in; However some devices like many Samsung phones do have these features, but you can install it) you can press the Home and Power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot.

Smart Bulb

LG Electronics announced its first Smart Bulb. A pair of light bulbs will connect to Android and iOSdevices. LG says the low-wattage bulbs will run for more than 10 years, five hours a day. "LG Smart Lighting" will work with Android 4.3 and up, and iOS 6 and above. It'll feature a security mode to make it look like you're home when you're actually away, and a play mode for when you're playing music (Android only) and they'll also be able to flash when you receive a phone call. LG's new smart bulbs will retail about $32 each. 


OS X is the operating system that powers every Mac. It was first released on March 24, 2001. It works with the processor in your Mac to deliver the best possible performance. It works with the super-responsive trackpad in Mac notebooks so Multi‑Touch gestures feel natural to use. Technologies like Power Nap take advantage of the Mac hardware to keep the entire system up to date while it sleeps.OS X gives you long battery life with advanced power-saving technologies like Timer Coalescing and App Nap. And it’s optimized for the high-resolution Retina display in the high-performance MacBook Pro. The Finder lets you browse and organize your files with ease. It is a simple way to access practically everything on your Mac. With Launchpad, you can see, organize, and open all your apps in one place. Spotlight search makes locating the file you’re looking for effortless. It lets you quickly find apps, files, and folders on your Mac.

Twitter's COO Resigns

Twitter Chief Operating Officer "Ali Rowghani" resigned on Thursday. Twitter COO Ali Rowghani resigned after failing to significantly grow user numbers.

     "Goodbye Twitter. It's been an amazing ride, and I will cherish the memories"  Rowghani tweeted.

     "Thank you for being an incredible executive & partner. Twitter could not have succeeded without you." Twitter CEO Dick Costolo responded.